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A bit bored of regular designs and old fashioned jewelry? Tired of seeing and wearing the same patterns and models again and again? Want to try out something different? Then Zmay Jewelry is the best new thing that you should totally check out. Zmay is a brand of fine handmade jewelry from experienced creators in Slovenia. From solid gold to precious stone embedment, we make use of the best advanced technology to make custom fine jewelry. Our pieces are very unique and painstakingly crafted to maintain a premium quality that is bound to put a lasting smile on your face.

What makes us special?

At Zmay Jewelry we place great importance on quality and customer satisfaction. From creating the basic design to finishing and polishing the stone studded jewelry, we do everything by ourselves. Our team takes pride in saying that our brand is complete owned by us. We do not have any sublets with third parties and each piece is done by ourselves and is not outsourced. Zmay offers you a wide range of jewelry collections including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each of these pieces is distinct and bound to remain in your memory forever. Separate lines are also available for wedding rings and engagement rings, meant for the lovebirds out there.

Finding the perfect ring for the perfect wedding

If you are looking to get married, then there is no better time to visit our jewelry shop. Break from the regular streak of plain single diamond engagement or wedding rings and gift your special someone something meaningful and worthy of your love. If you want to add a little colour, then try the Sapphire Halo Ring or the Aquamarine Princess Engagement Ring. If you are looking for something with some twists and turns, then try the Twisted Love Knot Ring or the Rose Gold Criss Cross Ring. There are also several other rings you can choose from. Whatever be your required shape, size or stone requirement, we will have the perfect ring that stays within your budget.

Design and fabrication process

Each design is drafted on paper and then modelled digitally on a computer using CAD software. Every nook and corner of the design is analysed and checked for errors or defects. Then the design is fed to a 3D printer to give it a real-life form. From there, we follow the regular process of heating and moulding. The final base of the jewelry is hand polished and each stone is placed and fixed in its spot manually. The stones are then shined to add a sparkle which they so rightfully deserve. The quality in each stage is double checked and sometimes even triple checked to make sure that not even a slight defect or flaw slips through. The final product you get will be nothing short of perfect.