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Zmay story

We are a team of young creators with a clear vision – to bring quality jewelry to everyone. Our own production allows us to design and handcraft each piece from the first idea to the finished product. We use advanced 3D printing technology that helps us shorten the production time and makes the rest of the process go smoother. This way we can ensure quality made, complex jewelry, where imagination has no limits.

Realistic prices

We do not agree with the assumption, that quality jewelry should be defined by high prices. Why do we price our products realistically?

  • We put our heart and soul into each piece
  • There is no middleman in our sales process
  • We’re not brokers – we lead the process of jewelry making and we manufacture all of the jewelry ourselves
  • We trust in the quality of our pieces and we believe, that they’ll gain popularity through word of mouth and organic marketing
  • Each piece is handmade in Slovenia, without any workforce exploitation and with minimal impact on the environment
  • We do not have any external contractors – we alone take part in every aspect of the manufacturing process

Our vision

  • To continue on our path of handcrafting quality custom made and bespoke jewelry for everyone
  • We strive for quality products using only the best and ethically sourced materials
  • We are constantly developing our knowledge and production techniques