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 Data storage

This website webmasters respect your privacy and are commmited to follow the law and regulations set by the Slovene law for  Privacy protection. We are commited to keeping you private data safe.

Your information is not exposed to third parties. The only exception is the delivery service, that needs your name, surname and address to successfully deliver your package.

The following personal data is stored:


  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • Email
  • Encrypted password
  • Telephone number

The user itself is responsible for the validity of the entered information.



This site uses cookies, that are short records for different settings. They are exchanged automatically as you visit the website. Cookies are being used to automatically log you in, setting language, chat located in bottom right corner and for other usages.

The following cookies are being used:

  • Session cookies – cart content and for logging in users
  • WPML – language settings
  • Google Analytics – site analytics
  • Facebook Pixel – advertising purposes