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Design your own dream jewelry

Having troubles finding a piece of jewelry, that looks exactly like you want? Send us your wishes and together we will create a piece of jewelry, that is perfect for you.

Creating bespoke jewelry is our greatest passion. We’re here to bring your ideas to life and add a little piece to your unique love story. We put our heart and soul in the design process, taking into consideration your every wish to make your next favourite piece of jewelry.

Every piece goes through a thoughtful design and manufacturing process. Using modern technology, such as CAD and 3D printing, helps us in developing more and more detailed and complex pieces. Combining modern manufacturing and traditional handcrafting techniques gives us time to curate every little detail and deliver a stunning piece of jewelry each time.

We are here for you, to listen to your suggestions and to help your dream jewelry come to life.


  1. You can send us a short description and a picture or sketch of the jewelry you have envisioned through the form below.
  2. We will contact you in the shortest time possible and discuss all the details. We’ll prepare a preview of the desired jewelry, so you can easily decide on the final look and weigh out all the options.
  3. When a piece is designed according to your wishes, you’ll be able to purchase it through a custom link.
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Send us your wishes

Examples of custom made jewelry