I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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Jewelry made with white gold started to gain popularity in the last decade of the previous century. The main reason for this can be attributed to the fact, that white gold emphasizes the way diamonds look - their shine increases significantly. White gold is formed by mixing gold with silver, nickel or palladium. Such a ring consists of approximately 75% gold and 25% of other alloys mentioned previously. Just like with other types of gold, such alloys ensure hardness as gold itself is rather soft. Without adding other types of metal, jewelry would quickly lose its shape. Jewelry made with white gold can be worn daily and is scratch resistant.

Custom made gold grillz are almost mandatory in the hip hop subculture. Grillz, jewelry that is worn over a person’s teeth, helps to prove a person’s enthusiasm for the hip hop industry. Although they were at first an expensive thing that only the wealthy could afford, grillz are now doable for nearly anyone. This jewelry started to become popular in the early 1980s when hip hop artists in New York City began wearing them. The popularity grew during the 1990s in Oakland, California, once again because hip hop artists were wearing them. And once again, this popularity further advanced during the mid-2000s in the South, along with the rise in Southern hip hop rap.

Every jewelry owner should know how to clean jewelry by themselves in order to avoid certain inconveniences. These include tarnishing, losing its shine and so on. There are numerous solutions that can be bought online, but you do not have to go that way. If you prefer to use more natural solutions, then you probably already have the needed ingredients somewhere in your household. Yes, there are numerous natural ways for jewelry cleaning. Read through this post and learn how to clean jewelry in a safe manner.

Questions about gold allergy are popping up quite regularly on social media. Users are complaining that their jewelry is causing pesky skin reactions — people with sensitive skin report seeing black smudges or having irritated skin on the ring finger. Most of them are not allergic to gold but can be allergic to other metals that are present in a gold ring. Because gold itself is a very soft metal, it's always alloyed with different types of metal. If we used only 100% pure gold, then the ring would quickly lose its shape. That is why all gold jewelry, has a certain percentage of other metals such as copper, silver, nickel, zinc, etc. Either of these alloys could cause an allergic reaction. Most of the people that can't wear jewelry are allergic to nickel and today many gold alloys can be found that are nickel free. If you're one of the unlucky ones, don't despair! Ask your jeweler if they offer jewelry made of nickel-free gold alloys too. Saying that one has a gold allergy is therefore not entirely accurate.