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cubic zirconia

Cubic Zirconia, or CZ, is the most popular alternative to diamonds. Because they look very similar to diamonds and are more affordable, cubic zirconia gems are present in all types of jewelry. When we’re planning on buying a ring, we ask ourselves, what kind of gem should we pick – Cubic Zirconia or Diamonds? The majority of people, that pick CZ, do so because they want to lower the total cost. This type of stone does cost less, but not everything is as it seems. Although we will save some money, by buying a cheaper CZ gem, this might change in a few years. A well-intended decision, to buy a cheaper type of stone, can cost us more money, in a few years.

At Zmay jewelry, we believe that picking a perfect wedding ring is a one time purchase. Our goal is to make jewelry, that retains its quality. That can be ensured only by using the very best materials available. Quality materials will stand the test of time and are more damage resistant. Because of these reasons, we prefer to avoid using Cubic Zirconia in our products. If you browse through our shop, you’ll see that there aren’t any products made with CZ gems.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Cubic Zirconia, however, Diamonds are forever. Diamonds are extremely hard, which means that they cannot be scratched unless they came in contact with other diamonds. Sadly, this does not apply to Cubic Zirconia, which can crack and chip. Within a few years, CZ also loses its shine. Because of these reasons, it’s quite possible, that you will have to return to your goldsmith a few years after the wedding. Having your ring re-set with another gem or polishing it costs additional money.

Cubic zirconia is mostly largely made, within various laboratories. This makes it more affordable. On the other hand, it takesĀ several million years for a Diamond to form naturally. Because of that, buying a Diamond can be considered as an investment. Compared to Cubic Zirconia, a Diamond will keep its shine throughout the years.