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Rose gold jewelry has been getting more and more popular lately and is being used to create all kinds of jewelry. No one knows for sure, who used it first. It started to appear in 19th century Russia. Rose gold is a mixture of gold, copper and silver. Just like other jewelry, rose gold jewelry is not made entirely out of pure gold. Without any additional mixtures, pure gold jewelry would quickly deform and lose its shape. Because it’s so soft, it’s mandatory to include other types of metal, when making any kind of jewelry.

Our goldsmith takes pride in the fact that he’s using his own rose gold mixture. He has perfected it through the years so that the rose color is just perfect. To achieve the ideal color, he combines copper with silver in the right proportions. As a rule, the more copper he uses, the more distinct the rose color is. If you’re allergic to copper, then avoid this type of jewelry at all costs. Because of this mixture of metals, rose gold jewelry is very resistant to scratches and other types of damage. It’s even more resilient than yellow and white gold. The latter needs to undergo a process of rhodium plating, which places a thin coating over the jewelry, to add extra protection. In the case of rose gold jewelry, this process is not needed. Jewelry made with this type of gold does not get damaged easily.

Cleaning is no different compared with regular gold. To keep a ring clean, all you have to do is, occasionally wash it with warm water with a drop of soap. After waiting a bit for it to dry, wipe the ring with a soft cotton cloth. Microfiber cloth used to clean glasses is also a good option because it will not leave any scratch marks. If the ring needs to be stored for longer periods of time, just put it in its jewelry box. That way, it won’t come into contact with other jewelry.

Throughout the years, rose gold jewelry will not tarnish but could become a bit darker. It’s a long process and does not happen overnight. This natural process is especially favorited by those, that are in love with a vintage look. Rose gold can be used to make any type of jewelry, ranging from everyday use to wedding rings. We especially love the pairing of rose, yellow and white gold, which makes a stunning combination.

Our shop offers lots of rose gold jewelry. If you need more visual information, take a look at our Youtube channel, where we showcase a piece made with rose gold. In case you won’t be able to find the perfect piece in our shop, send us an email at [email protected] along with a few pictures or sketches of your idea. We’ll be happy to design it with you!

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